About Us

OrientSA is an independent consultancy firm specialising in system and safety assurance in the transport sector.

We are a highly experienced consultants with desire in seeking solutions to real world engineering problems, with an aim getting in results in terms of minimising project delivery risk within budget and deadline.

Our approach is founded on risk-based method, which progressively builds confidence through the project lifecycle that requirements will be met and that the system under development will be safe and fit for intended purpose.

The key benefits of using this approach are:

  • Similar approach has been successfully employed for many projects, where the approach will be familiar for all parties, and therefore minimising the learning curve for software and system assurance;
  • The assurance process is truly independent from requirement, design, manufacturing, and testing of the system under development;
  • The risk based approach allows OrientSA to focus on the most critical areas, for instance, those areas vulnerable to developmental or operational hazards and uncertainties;
  • This approach is aligned with the international safety standards;