Helping you to meet your commitments, keep your customers assured and you profitable.

What We Do

OrientSA is an engineering consultancy firm that specialises in the assurance of high integrity systems.

We deliver assurance that the product is safe and reliable, by managing the risks throughout development of the system, from concept to operation.


Why We Do It

Today more than ever, people want to be safe! This cannot be compromised by today’s forward-thinking transportation companies.

These same companies need to have cost-effective safety strategies to remain in business.


Why Us

Orient SA has a proven track record of providing safety services to the transport industry in a variety of environments all over Asia, ensuring its clients comply with stringent safety standards and remain within their cost structures.

Our services are cost-effective, trustworthy and timeliness; we value our long term relationship with our clients. 

Our Services

Our system assurance services ranges from assurance of a standalone product, such as a monorail beam switch to a complex high integrity system, such as an Automatic Train Protection, to enable safe and reliable operation.

We disseminate system assurance knowledge through awareness programme, specialist training and mentoring.